The Richtual Cachè

The Richtual Cachè is a luxe way to keep your things secure. 

The perfect way to always have everything together in one place so you can worry less about your supplies going missing or winding up in the wrong hands. Our cache's are scent proof, secure, and organized. 

Fingerprint Locking Cachè:

This Cache is locked and unlocked with up to 4 of your chosen fingerprints. The lock can be used for up to a week on a single charge!


Our kits include everything you need to roll easily and on the go. The cachè tube and mill comes in Rosegold and Black.

Every kit includes:

Cachè Tube - smell proof for on the go. 

Richtual Smell Proof carrying cachè

A Rolling machine & papers

Richtual Herb Mill


All of our Cachès 

  • Smell Resistant - Carbon lined 
  • Size - 2 x 6 x 2.5in


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