How To - Program your fingerprint lock

When you receive your cachè it is in the default factory setting. Meaning any fingerprints can unlock it. The directions below instruct you on how to set your specific fingerprint. 



How to set your fingerprint from the factory setting.

1. Gently poke the provided key into the hole in the side of the lock. A blue light will flash.

2. Press your desired finger on the lock 5 times. A green light indicates successful registration of your fingerprint. 

3. If you would like to register more than one fingerprint you can do them consecutively by following step 2 for each finger print. 

4. Once you have finished and no longer press the lock the light will go out. 

5. Test the lock with your registered fingerprints. 


To add a new fingerprint you will first need to verify the first fingerprint you registered.

1.Stick the key into the hole and the light will turn blue.

2. Verify your registered fingerprint and then you can repeat step 2 above. 


To delete a fingerprint:

1. Gently Stick the key in the side hole until the light turns red.

2. Place your verified finger on the lock. When the light turns green all fingerprints have been deleted and the lock is returned to the factory state.